Activity Center

Student Activity Center


SAC will channelize the talent pool of an institution for its own welfare. This also helps students pursue their interests while gaining recognition and rewards. External Activity Center will create opportunities for everyone with an interest of own.
EAC concept

Every institution is blessed with students of immense energy and skill in extracurricular activities. Unfortunately this skill remains unknown and unused further leading to suppression of students of such talent. EAC will help this talent put to right use while creating a win-win situation for everyone.

EAC usefulness

Activity center gives great learning experience – Learning by the way of knowing, teaching and putting the experience to right use. In the age of measuring everything in terms of man-hours, institutions will see great cost cutting in their managerial/event organizing expenses and can fund students’ interests better.
How does it support students and management?

EAC will leverage the electronic medium and our partnerships to give more opportunities to learn and work. Finding assignments and managing balance is our radar.

Benefits to students

Students of the present day have innumerable interests. Likeminded people are placed hay-wire. EAC will unite such talents to grow in terms of ability and emerge as a brand of own.
Benefits to management

EAC will help the institutions leverage the student skill to emerge as a brand. This activity also creates a talent pool for students. Like for a nation a guild of architects, doctors and engineers; EAC will help form such guild of Photographers, Student journalists, Network admin, Sports enthusiasts, Web developers, Graphic designers, and Short film makers

How does it work?
Pool it and share it:

  • Students with a specific interest register in a club
  • They plan the meetings and schedule
  • Learn/teach the fundamentals
  • Take up assignments at college and outside

How we build it?
The chapter mechanism – Every institute associated with SAC will have a club for one or more of the following activities:

  • College journalism
  • Sports
  • Graphic designing
  • Short films
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Quiz

The flock and feather analogy –

Birds of a feather flock together and EAC will be a medium to make it happen. EAC activities will be popularized by SAC online.

If you are interested in photography, you can start seeing the world through lens right from your college days. Just write to us, or a call would do! We shall put you into the photography club and you more or the less start clicking. However if you are actually looking for someone who will teach you the nuances of photography, we have the arrangements in place. Yes! We hunt for the best photographer in your club and get you the classes; all for free!

The person who appears to be a nerd or a bookworm might be a rock-star or a sport-star and chances are that you would never know that but we would know. So you better tell us who you are and what else! We will take you to your club.

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