Graduate Management Admission Test

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer-adaptive standardized test in mathematics and the English language for measuring aptitude to succeed academically in graduate business studies. Business schools use the test as a criterion for admission into graduate business administration programs throughout the world.

Why does a B-School degree matter to your career? It’s all about the value.
Imagine for a moment a career that is an exciting challenge every day, delivering personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement, not to mention financial security. Graduate business school really is the gateway to this kind of opportunity, ranging from an entrepreneurial start-up to an amazing career with a global organization.
Putting Your Degree to Work:
Students just like you share their thoughts on how the skills they develop in their programs will help them achieve their goals.
Of course, what you want to do with your life comes first. But that’s just the point—wherever you see your career path taking you, from nonprofit to corporate, art gallery to stock trading, a graduate business degree can help you get there faster. In fact, as a majority of MBA alumni report, having a graduate management degree can actually increase your career options over time, by giving you the preparation, skills, and credentials you need to find the work that fits your goals.
Graduate business school—it’s about making the best investment in you.


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