SAC is the most comprehensive program that helps an individual transition from college student to industry professional.

The students who participate in SAC programs get advantages like:

  • Job leading to a rewarding career: Students get a leap-start to their professional life. They get a job leading to a rewarding career.
  • Opportunities with best employers: SAC partners with companies for providing quality entry-level talent. As a result, students get more career options through SAC system.
  • Smooth transition from college to corporate: SAC offers services to students while they are in college itself. This helps student get a job by the time they graduate thereby avoiding wasted time before starting their professional life. The SAC grooming helps students make it a smooth transition to professional life.
  • Skills for a lifetime: SAC system provides the foundation skills that are required to do well in professional life.  Though the knowledge acquired may not remain relevant after some years, the skills remain with the person for a lifetime.

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