I feel the compulsion to share this…
Once when I visited one of my neighbors, I realized that they had many questions in store for me. The conversation in short went this way.


Neighbor – ‘I heard that you are a computer engineer’
Me – ‘Ya’
(I am a software engineer but couldn’t afford to differ with him)
Neighbor – ‘So how much do they pay for making a computer?’
Me – I was spell bound. But told that, ‘They do pay well’
Neighbor – ‘But I see that at the end of the day you reach home so tidy. I hardly see grease on your clothes. Do you change dress in the office?’
Me – ‘I make software. There are others for hardware’
Neighbor – ‘What is this software thing? You are a computer engineer and work on something else?? Strange jobs!! ‘
Me– ‘….’ (I had nothing to say)

Such conversations are a common place. And this makes it evident that often people have preconceived notions about professions which are utterly flawed.

Outside a profession, we are laymen!

For instance when I say – “My brother is in the police department”, you imagine him to be a tough man wearing uniform and holding a lathi. But he is in fact a pale man and serves as a writer in the administration role for police department.

It is always important that, when you choose to be associated with a profession, start with a formal education. This clears out the cloud of misconceptions and helps you learn the nuances of that profession. Technology, arts, music and martial art… be it any filed, start with a formal education.

You want to be yoga guru, fitness trainee, painter, boxer, designer or engineer…choose to be associated with the best institute and set out to learn the nuances from the best faculty. It gets a good pay-off later on!

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