God save the Teacher!

This post is a simple observation around a news article which more or the less stated that – “the faculty of certain reputed B-School are constantly failing in delivering quality lectures”

My appreciations go to media for their positive outlook towards student community. I also empathize with the students of that reputed institute who enrolled into the institute with great expectations. And here comes what I have to say about the faculty:

The institute in question here is highly venerated and recognized for years. Much of the aura it has can be attributed to the faculty of the institute who stuck to it for years. However, the very faculty is now being accused of not being competent. From where does this question of incompetence come from?

Lately, the technology is making any information available real-time to students. Once when we had to wait for the next day’s newspaper to know the result of a cricket match overseas, now we watch the match live on our mobile phone. While we had to skim through a few tens of books to prepare an abstract for white paper, now we have the ready-made document online waiting for us. All of this had helped the new-age student become omnipresent.

This omnipresence of techno-equipped student making life miserable for faculty/teacher/ professor who had to be on heels to stay ahead of such students, gather information, assimilate and deliver the same in an organized way. Thus making it evident yet again that knowledge is wealth.

And lastly, my only suggestion the new faculty or the students who are wannabe teachers is – go inquest of knowledge in all directions. For now, knowledge is boundless and is ready to be tapped. Make the best use of technology to stay in the market. Your reluctance to use a carry a Tablet PC could be now treated as your incompetence. God save you!

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