SAC has a wide range of services to offer to the college management. These services include
Workshops co-ordination
SAC Team will be the middleware for all your workshop needs. A catalogue of courses, proven faculty and effective costing include in the basket of services we offer to institutions.
Basing on the streams/courses offered by institution, we align the workshops. SAC shall publish the calendar for the institutions well in advance to avoid conflict with curriculum.
Fest/event management
SAC Team streamlines the process of event management for the institution needs. Since there goes a great deal of activity, planning and execution into organizing fests for any institution, we have a devoted vendor relation for all your fest needs.
The merit in our methodology is we provide ample space for the student community and to get involved in all the levels of organizing while inviting faculty and management intervention to further make the developments. The emphasis is majorly on cost control while making the fest an event to remember for years to come.
Media co-ordination
The presence in media has become crucial for an institution today. Our relations with heads in media sphere will of great help to institution while they partner with us. We offer to popularize the events in Print, TV and web media.
Sponsorship alignment
With the scale of fests and events getting bigger every year, institutions are keeping gates wide open for corporate to do the funding. More than often, finding sponsors demands for great acumen. SAC will support institutions to get such financial help coming in from organizations.
Third party survey
Most institution managements today constantly endeavor to find gaps and bridge them. Such exercises have become necessary to ensure delivery of quality education to students. More than often finding these gaps has proved more elaborative than remedial measures.
SAC Team is making things easier for Institution managements by offering an innovative service

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