We love corruption!

Let me be clear! ‘We’ here refers to the whole nation- INDIA!

Coming to the matter…

Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran bedi have participated in hunger-strike at Jantar Mantar. Hundreds of celebrities tweeted showing their liking for such a movement. Thousands expressed support by joining them at the grounds. While lakhs of youth of India were busy clicking – Like and Share on Facebook.

There were rallies everywhere – towns, cities and metros. I saw some amazing sync in the way things went for those few day. As an ardent reader of news on google, I got see that the ranking of news of this movement for a lokpal bill to put an end to corruption in India stood as hot topics for about a fortnight. Monthly, weekly and daily magazines reserved all the space for this news.

Amid all this, I found a bitter truth which we often notice but ignore – we are all corrupts and never agree to that.

This is the right time to mention the corruption in us as the heat in the corruption topic has almost comedown to an all-time low.

I was walking to fetch some grocery near my house and saw a huge crowd of young and energetic college going guns in a busy chat with their bikes parked at the most random fashion creeping half into the road. This seemed sort of a youth meeting.

Let’s now have a closer look…all of them are in their final year graduation with final exams scheduled for the next day. Most were there to collect their copy of micro-sized photocopy/ Xerox of their answers book. Yes! They all intent to use the pocket sized booklet with all the answers to questions which are likely to appear in the exam next day. This story repeats with more or less intensity all the universities in India.

Back home, all these modern anti-corrupt vow takers, will login to social networking sites and express post their status that they vexed with corruption everywhere. Unfortunately, they miserably fail to admit that they are all corrupt.

Wow! I inferred one line from all this. Our hatred for corruption is only as long as the other person’s deeds are concerned. But when it comes to ourselves, we love corruption.

Today we are building a whole new generation of corrupt people whom we see indulging in every crime today. And the only we can avoid such happening is to explain what the corruption actually is…a teacher, a doctor or an engineer also can combat against corruption…not by participating in a rally against corruption but by being sincere and honest in all his duties.

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