Why this magnanimity?

For being a genius in my own way, I was supposed to have these questions on the top of my mind –
1. “Did Newton study Newton’s law at college?”
2. “What textbook did Srinivasa Ramanujan refer to study numerical progressions?”

Answers in line –

1. Newton never read his law. He himself formulated it. So he had one question less to study at college than us

2. Sri Ramanujan had no such book to refer. Lucky man. He would not lose any marks in this topic.

That definitely makes it clear that our ancestors had far less stuff than us to study. But still they excelled. We now have a rapidly increasing syllabus to cover in all semesters as well as new technologies, platforms, computer languages, software, utilities and functionality to learn every day. A seemingly agitated new age student searches for one answer every day – why this magnanimity?

The answer to this is – each time you want to break the record of a world champion, you got to run faster than the last known. To reach the top, you need to overtake the spearheads. Today we are in a competitive world where to make a mark of your own, you need to understand and assimilate the existing standard thereby delivering a higher one.

Go students! Spare no concept in your syllabi; leave no leaf in your book. Be a scholar in your own right. No stopping for you!

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